Mechanical Link

Maureen with Dr. Chauffour, 2000, Lyon, France

Maureen with Dr. Chauffour
Lyon, France

Recoil of tibia into lateral torsion

Recoil of tibia into lateral torsion

Unique to Mechanical Link is the inclusion of the evaluation and treatment of bones. In the above case, if the tibia is restricted, it could compromise the absorption and transmission of forces and could compromise the healing of the recent knee surgery.

Learning Mechanical Link in 1995 changed how I approached manual therapy.  This was the first method that offered a systematic approach to evaluate the fascia of the body and determine the most important area to work on at any given time.  In addition it offered an extremely gentle but effective way of releasing the tension in the body.  This was not only healthier for my patients but for me as well!

Developed by French osteopath Dr. Paul Chauffour, this system has evolved over the last 25 years and is now being taught throughout the world.  I had the wonderful opportunity to not only study with Dr. Chauffour for many years but also the privilege of assisting many of his classes.

This is a system that:

  • Consists of the evaluation of the myofascial system with emphasis on locating and treating the primary fascial tension within the body.
  • Consists of a gentle recoil technique to “reset” the tissue’s mechanical receptors.
  • After a typical mechanical link session, increased flexibility and strength is noticed as well as an immediate improvement in posture.

As an example, a woman once came to my office who had a severe shift and rotation in the back with associated chronic pain.  Her shoulders went one way, and the hips the other. A colleague, who had been treating the woman, accompanied her for the two hour trip since she was interested in learning about the Mechanical Link technique.   While my colleague was quite impressed with the evaluation portion of the treatment, she later told me she was embarrassed by the apparent absurdity of the “recoil” technique when I treated the first restriction.  “How could something so gentle, almost imperceptible, do anything?” she thought, regretting she’d referred this patient.   However, after 2-3 additional recoils, all the restrictions were reversed. I had the patient stand up to reassess posture and she was almost completely straight.  My colleague was shocked!  She was on the plane the next week to take the first course in Mechanical Link.

  • For more information about the Mechanical Link technique, a more detail description is included on the following website: