Therapeutic Exercise

As a trained Physical Therapist, I believe in the incredible benefit that exercise has in a person’s life.  In fact, if there is one aspect of health that most all health care providers agree upon, it is the benefit of exercise.  Maintaining an appropriate and consistent exercise routine is as fundamental as eating a healthy diet or sleeping an adequate amount.

However, it does not follow that anyone who walks into my office is ready for an exercise program.  Often, the body must first be in balance to be able to perform an exercise.  My role in implementing exercise into a patient’s healthcare program includes:

  • Helping balance the musculo-skeletal system so that exercises can be done safely and without increased pain.  Often a muscle is weak because it is not being fully recruited due to imbalances within the body-mind complex.  After a treatment, recruitment is usually restored and exercise can be done with more ease and without exacerbation of symptoms.
  • Helping develop a more positive attitude toward exercise through the body-mind methods (BodyTalk and NET) where belief systems that adversely affect exercise can be addressed.  For example, if one had been made fun of during P.E. class as a child, they might have a belief that they are “no good” at exercise.  Why even try?  When the resonance with this belief is neutralized, adhering to an exercise program is easier.
  • Implementing appropriate flexibility, balancing and strengthening exercises at the appropriate time.
  • Preparing someone for a more rigorous rehabilitation program with myself or at another facility. I enjoy a positive working relationship with a number of local Physical Therapists and trainers to help maximize a patient’s potential.
  • Helping patients determine what type of long term exercise program will best suit their needs and lifestyle. For example, some will need to join a fitness center while others will only do exercises at home etc.  Adhering to a regular workout schedule can be very dependent on this variable.