Innate Connections:  An Integrative and Innovative Approach to Therapy

Innate means ‘inborn’, ‘intrinsic’, ‘inherent’, ‘instinctive’, ‘natural’.  What we often forget is that our body has an inherent healing system.  When we get ill or do not heal completely from a trauma despite appropriate interventions, it often is a sign that our body is out of balance and unable to use this innate healing optimally.

Rehabilitation, therefore, requires considering balance in the whole body:  all of its parts and all of its systems.

In my approach to therapy, I combine years of experience and continuing education in both traditional and complimentary therapy techniques to facilitate balance within the body to stimulate the natural, innate healing process.

The power of the mind-body complex and the innate healing ability of the body have begun to emerge as vital components to our health and well being.  Innate Wisdom relies on optimal balance between the energy of the ‘scientific’ left brain and that of the ‘intuitive’ right brain.


Imbalance within the body is often the cause of pain, dysfunction and poor response to treatment.

Our bodies are a complex organization of parts and systems challenged to co-exist in an increasingly complex environment.  Chemicals, EMFs, illnesses, trauma, work and family stresses, etc. can throw our bodies off balance and have significant impacts on our health.  Re-establishing and/or maintaining optimal balance is vital.

Your body does the healing.  A surgeon, for example, reestablishes mechanical balance by ‘re-setting’ a bone or inserting a metal plate.  But it is your body that must then ‘knit’ the bone, i.e. do the healing.  This healing can be compromised if your body is in a state of imbalance.  A logical exercise may be recommended to you but if the muscle is not working properly due to an imbalance, increased pain or damage may occur.

At Innate Connections, we focus on correcting this imbalance to stimulate the body’s own ability to heal, reduce pain and increase function.  This is done by integrating a variety of innovative techniques and respecting the Innate’s sense of priority of which technique to use and in which order.