Visceral Mobilization

I first began my studies in visceral work in 1992 with courses developed by French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral, a leading expert in the field of visceral manipulation.  After learning Mechanical Link’s approach to the viscera, I was able to combine the knowledge and apply which ever method is most appropriate for any given condition.  Key concepts include:

  • Involves specific placement of soft manual forces to encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of the organs and their connective tissues.
  • Choosing to use the word, mobilization, Maureen feels this more aptly describes the gentle techniques used for normalizing the tone around the organs.  We often forget that our organs are enveloped in fascia and anchored in the body by connective tissue.  With trauma, this fascia is affected just like any other fascia if not more so.  Think of your organs as partially blown up balloons filled with water anchored to surrounding bones/membranes/muscles.  Now imagine what would happen in a car accident where the body is subjected to tremendous forces. The balloons would bounce around and put strain on their anchors, i.e. ligaments and fascia.  Suppose one of the ligaments was one that attaches your heart to the breast bone.  With each beat of the heart, this strain is registered.  Talk about repetitive strain injury!  As Dr. Barral notes: “In a single day, your internal organs move 30,000 times. Your liver alone travels 600 meters.”  Visceral mobilization, therefore, is essential to help reduce abnormal tensions around the organs to assist in the restoration of balance and function within the whole body.
  • For more detailed information on Visceral Manipulation Therapy, please visit the following website:

  • *NET:  Net-Mind-Body:  Neuroemotional Technique

NET is a system that I learned just before BodyTalk.  It was the first systematic approach I encountered that addressed emotions stored in tissues.  While BodyTalk then provided a more comprehensive umbrella under which to use the NET system, I often find this approach is the best to work with underlying belief systems that are interfering with healing.  To learn more about this method, please visit their website at: